The Charter of the Genovese Storico

Genovese Storico PDO Genovese Basil: original, guaranteed, traditional, sustainable

Really protecting a traditional product means preserving those conditions of production that have made up its fame and identity, while maintaining its link with its origin unaltered. Only in this way, the unrepeatable expressiveness that cannot be truly replicated elsewhere, would be guarantee, which only that particular territory, through its environmental, cultural and cultural aspects, is able to guarantee.

The Genovese Storico PDO Basil is one of the products that best represents the agri-food and gastronomic memory of the city of Genoa and its peri-urban area, constituting an indispensable heritage made up of knowledge and bonds, tradition and gestures, culture and attention.

The “Genovese Storico” project recognizes and guarantees the originality, certification and environmental sustainability of the Genovese Storico PDO Genovese Basil in its fresh bouquet and semi-finished versions, through the realization of this project and the Charter of the Genovese Storico, a protocol of consistent agronomic and production rules, shared and signed by all members of the Genovese Storico Consortium.