Rossi 1947

Rossi 1947 For three generations the Panizza family has been managing this company, dedicating itself in particular to the enhancement of the Genoese and regional territory, through the research of its products of excellence and the promotion of typical Ligurian cuisine.

A structure articulated into 5 points of sale distributed in the centre of Genoa where you can breathe the scent of tradition. From the Il Genovese restaurant to the two historic confectioneries, a proud family heritage, to the ice cream parlour with tastes and flavours of the territory such as the PDO Genovese Basil ice-cream or Pernambucco oranges and Chinotto of Savona, to get to the new fried-food shop, almost an ancient “Sciamadda genovese”, recently opened in the charming hamlet of Boccadasse.

The selection of the proposed products is the result of constant and constantly updated work on the developments of new gastronomic trends, attention and experience that have also allowed the birth of the e-commerce site, among the first in Italy in terms of years of activity and quality of the selection for sale, with over 3000 references, guaranteed and shipped all over the world.

The Pesto Rossi 1947 represents Roberto Panizza’s desire to raise the quality bar of this product that is a symbol of the Genoese tradition, offering the family recipe on the Italian and international market until then only available in its own shops and restaurants.

Today Pesto Rossi is distributed in Italy and in over 15 countries around the world, from Japan to the United States, sold to restaurants, pizzerias, delicatessens, large and small shops, all united by the search for quality and the enhancement of products linked to territoriality.

In parallel with the business activity and the production choices, Roberto Panizza has also been socially committed over the years to promoting the territory and the value of Genoese pesto sauce with the conception and implementation of the Campionato del Mondo del Pesto al mortaio (Pesto World Championship). Traveling in many countries, he taught the ancient art of the pesto sauce produced in the mortar to people of all ages and nationalities, in a project that was a real springboard for our sauce which, through the championship, saw fans from all over the world compete for its best preparation. Thanks to this commitment to the enhancement of the Ligurian territory at an international level, Roberto Panizza was awarded by Mayor Marco Bucci as Ambassador of Genoa in the world.

One of the company’s peculiarities is also the constant presence at the most important events dedicated to food and wine excellence, with tasting evenings, show cooking and collaborations with some of the most important chefs and pizza makers on the Italian and international scene.

Rossi 1947’s partnership with the Genovese Storico project has allowed us to have control of the entire product processing chain, starting from the selection and supply of the best raw material, thus arriving at the creation of two new high quality products, the semi-finished products of PDO Genoese basil in savoury and sweet versions, easily usable for many preparations in haute-cuisine, gourmet-pizzeria, confectionery and quality ice cream.