PDO Genovese Basil

The Consortium carries out its action in favour of the PDO Genovese Basil, intended for fresh consumption and for that intended for processing, whose production takes place according to traditional techniques that have made it an excellence of the territory.

Thanks to its certification, the PDO Genovese Basil can distinguish itself from other basil productions coming from less suitable areas and from non-traditional cultivation methods.

Basil is an aromatic plant whose essence is strongly influenced by the environment in which it is cultivated: it has been scientifically demonstrated that the quantity and quality of its essential oils are different if it is produced within the borders of Liguria, on the sea side of the watershed. , compared to all other areas.

For this reason the certification of the PDO Genovese Basil establishes how the Mediterranean environment of Liguria, combined with the traditional cultivation techniques handed down over the years, gives rise to a unique and inimitable product and it is precisely the Production Regulations drawn up by the of technicians and producer members, which support the precise rules of cultivation and packaging.

The essential elements of its production are the delimitation of the territory to the Tyrrhenian side of Liguria only and the traditional cultivation on natural soil, with two aspects, one environmental and one anthropic, that contribute to make the product unique.

The determining environmental element is the soil; PDO Genovese Basil is in fact grown exclusively on natural soil from which the aromatic characteristics of the product derive, while no topsoil and other substrates are provided. The essential anthropic aspect is brought by the traditional cultivation technique refined over the years in the area, which is essential for the organoleptic result but also valuable for the cultural and food aspects.

The PDO Genovese Basil is harvested and packaged differently for fresh consumption and for industrial processing.