Genoese Storico Consortium

“Genovese Storico” is a Cooperation Group, formally established and recognized, in compliance with the indications of the European Commission, to carry out the cooperation project approved by Liguria Regional Government Authority for the Tender Measure 16.4 of PSR (Rural Development Programme) Liguria, formalizing the relationships between the constituent entities.

The cooperation project “Filiera corta di eccellenza del Basilico Genovese DOP per il mercato fresco” (Short Supply Chain of Excellence of PDO Genoese Basil for the Fresh Market) has been implemented by setting up a legal, financial and organizational framework, identifying the tasks and responsibilities of the entities and adopting an internal regulation that ensures transparency and the absence of conflicts of interest.

The operations take place in compliance with EU and national regulations, which govern the scope of intervention of the Cooperation Group, the planning and management guidelines, contained in the Rural Development Programme 2014/2020 of the Liguria Regional Government Authority and in the agreement of the Cooperation Group.

The Cooperation Group:


  • operates in an interactive mode to share the progress of activities, ensuring the circulation of information with constant involvement, ensured and tracked by the leading entity, even in digital mode;
  • monitors and verifies the results during the course of the project, analysing the results of the various actions;
  • communicates externally, disseminating the results of project activities at local, national and European level, based on community, national, regional regulations and as indicated in the Project Communication Plan, promoting the adoption of cooperation methods not only at participating companies but also in other communities in the area.


The members of the partnership are represented in the Project Committee, the tool and place of comparison within which any technical and organizational choices relating to the planned activities are made.

Partner name Role Actions managed Member of the Project Committee
Consorzio di tutela Basilico Genovese DOP

(Consortium for the protection of the PDO Genovese Basil)

Leading partner Control of cooperation, coordination, technical quality control and product treatment actions, direction of the Project Communication Plan Giovanni Bottino
Unione Agricola Genovese Agricultural Partner Commercial activities Manuele Velonà
R&C di Rossi Ruggero Az.Agr. Agricultural Partner Production and implementation of the quality control action Ruggero Rossi
Casotti Roberto Az. Agr. Agricultural Partner Sergio Casotti
Ratto Francesco Az. Agr. Agricultural Partner Giovanni Ratto
Rossi 1947 SRL Agricultural Partner Product management and processing Roberto Panizza